Optimized Identity Verification API Feature List and Pricing Comparison

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital security, identity verification APIs play a crucial role. The industry's focus has been on refining features to enhance effectiveness, security, and user experience. From analyzing 30 sites and a total of 44 initial features, the list has been distilled to emphasize the most critical for users, focusing on technology, integration, compliance, security, user experience, performance, and business impact. This article provides a snapshot of these distilled features and compares the available plans and pricing from various companies, as derived from the detailed analysis (for numbers of features and companies analyzed, see here).

Industry Features


  • Real-time requests to a live database
  • Facial Recognition
  • Biometric Analysis
  • Document Verification
  • 3D Liveness Detection
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-powered verification


  • Seamless integration with existing applications or systems
  • Integration and Scalability
  • Flexible integration options


  • Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
  • Compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations


  • High Accuracy
  • Improve your fraud defense with face matching
  • Help prevent account takeovers and transaction fraud
  • Detection of tampered or counterfeit passports

User Experience

  • Built for Onboarding at Scale
  • Capture data from identity documents with ease
  • 24/7 Human Supervision
  • Global Coverage
  • Increase customer trust with privacy filters
  • Fast verification of customer details
  • Facial recognition technology for preventing impersonation attempts
  • Check a customer's identity quickly and securely
  • Age Verification
  • Instant Verification
  • Facilitate a streamlined handover from PC to mobile
  • Auto-fill forms with identity data when users link their bank accounts


  • Real-Time Verification
  • Scalability for handling large volumes of passport verification
  • Speeds up account creation process
  • AI-Powered Verification Checks

Business Impact

  • Increase business confidence in customer's genuine identity
  • Reduces costs by preventing fraudulent account setups
  • Complement KYC procedures

Pricing Comparison

Based on the provided data, here is a comparison review of identity verification APIs from various companies. The comparison is structured in a table format, focusing on the available plans, pricing, and key features. Please note that some companies have not provided specific pricing details and instead require contacting sales for more information.

Company Plan Price Key Features
www.idenfy.com Identity Verification Contact Sales Automatic ID document detection, facial recognition, 3D liveness detection, 24/7 human supervision, AML compliance
www.idenfy.com AML Compliance Contact Sales International sanctions checks, Interpol database checks, PEPs database checks
www.idenfy.com Business Verification Contact Sales -
www.idenfy.com NFC Verification Contact Sales -
www.idenfy.com Phone Number Verification Contact Sales -
www.idenfy.com Proxy Detection Contact Sales -
www.idenfy.com Proof of Address Verification Contact Sales -
www.idenfy.com Customer's Risk Score Verification Contact Sales -
www.moderntreasury.com Enterprise Contact Sales Payment operations, treasury management, bank payments API, reconciliation, ledger database, fraud detection, KYC & KYB
diro.io Free Free Verify documents up to 10 verifications/month, APIs, management console
diro.io Launch Pay as you go Unlimited verifications, advanced APIs, management console, multi-user security
diro.io Enterprise Contact Sales Tailored solutions, volume pricing, dedicated support, personal onboarding, 24/5 live support, dedicated account manager
signdesk.com ink.it Request Quote eSign workflows, USB token signing, notifications, dashboard & reports, direct integration, mobile & web SDK
signdesk.com link.it Request Quote Create and cancel XMLs, track mandate status, direct integration, authentication via various methods, multiple signers
signdesk.com stamp.it Request Quote Digitised stamping, document lifecycle monitoring, admin dashboard, real-time online stamp duty payment
signdesk.com scan.it Request Quote Video-based onboarding, AI & ML-enabled, facial recognition & image detection, OCR & liveness detection
endato.com Starter $ Address autocomplete, business search, caller ID, property search, vehicle ownership search
endato.com Pro $$ Criminal search, identity verification, marriage search, reverse phone search

The comparison shows that while some companies like www.idenfy.com and www.moderntreasury.com offer a range of identity verification services, they require potential customers to contact sales for specific pricing information. On the other hand, diro.io provides a free plan with basic features and a pay-as-you-go option for more advanced needs, with enterprise solutions available upon inquiry. Signdesk.com offers specialized products for eSigning and document handling, with pricing available upon request. Endato.com has two tiers with clear distinctions in services offered, but the exact pricing is represented with symbols rather than numbers.

For a more detailed analysis, it would be beneficial to have specific pricing numbers and a more comprehensive list of features for each plan. Additionally, some companies listed did not provide enough information for a thorough comparison.