Innovate with Bitcoin: Scripting and runes

Aleks Noxon Bitcoin script developer and atomic swap exchange founder

Understanding Bitcoin Runes: A Glimpse into Ordinals and Digital Art on the Blockchain


Bitcoin Runes, previously known as the Omni Protocol, represent a fascinating evolution in the way we think about Bitcoin's capabilities. Originally, the Omni Protocol was used for various tokens, including Tether, essentially functioning as a layer for creating and trading custom tokens on top of the existing Bitcoin blockchain.

Evolution to Bitcoin Runes

In a significant pivot, what was once a tool for creating custom tokens has transformed into a method for embedding images and other forms of digital art directly into the Bitcoin blockchain. These assets, now termed as "Bitcoin Runes" or "Ordinals Runes," embed small pieces of data (like digital artwork) directly into individual satoshis, the smallest unit of bitcoin.

Technical Insights

  1. Bitcoin Runes as Digital Artwork:

    - Bitcoin Runes utilize the capacity of the Bitcoin blockchain to store small data snippets within transaction scripts. These data snippets can include anything from simple images to complex pieces of digital art.

    - Each bitcoin transaction allows for the inclusion of a small amount of arbitrary data through the use of OP_RETURN, a script that facilitates the inclusion of non-financial data.

  2. How Runes are Created and Traded:

    - To create or "mint" a new rune, users can employ wallets like Xverse. Minting is directly linked to blockchain transactions, where each new piece of art becomes permanently embedded into a specific bitcoin satoshi.

    - Interested parties can mint runes by visiting platforms like Ordiscan and choosing to mint a rune, such as Rune number 0.

  3. Trading Runes:

    - Once created, these runes can be traded or sold on marketplaces like OKX, which supports the buying and selling of these unique digital assets within their marketplace section.


Bitcoin Runes are more than just digital assets; they are a blend of technology and artistry, permanently recorded on the world's most renowned digital ledger. By converting Bitcoin transactions into carriers of valuable digital artwork, Bitcoin Runes are setting a new precedent for the utility and cultural significance of cryptocurrencies.

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