Governance and proposals

With a given value of tokens, anyone can create proposals. Another stakeholder can vote for proposals without spending money on gas

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Dao Widget

Dao Widget — Governance and proposals for your crypto token

Main features demo screen

With a given value of tokens, anyone can create proposals. Another stakeholders can vote for proposals without spend money on gas. Put the HTML code on your website. Upload files to FTP server to the folder with html page where you want to put the widget. Then open your HTML file and add this HTML:

<div id="daofactory_app" data-network="137" data-token-address="0xd9b064e78199598e9435f9158be1f28b4db422a3" data-token-symbol="XDCK" data-token-decimals="18" data-color-template="dark_template" ></div>
<script src='./static/js/main.js'></script>
<link href="./static/css/main.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Where data-network is chainID from this list

data-token-address, data-token-symbol, data-token-decimals: address and variables of your erc20 contract

data-color-template: dark_template or light_template

Additional properties:

- data-ens is ENS domain name. By default, we use our own, but it doesn't matter;

- data-hide-service-link - setting "true" if you want to hide the service link

- data-required-amount-to-publish - required tokens amount to publish proposal, by default 5.

- data-required-amount-to-vote - required tokens amount to vote for proposal, by default 1.

Metamask supported feature screen
Metamask supported
Create proposal feature screen
"Create proposal" form
Vote for proposal feature screen
"Vote for proposal"
List of votes feature screen
"List of votes"
Create and vote proposals for free
Your tokenholders can create proposals and vote for free (without paying for gas)
Duration feature screen
All proposals have Voting Period (specified and adjusted by creator or tokenHolders) it could be specified by creator or by token holders through proposal.
Based on snapshot screen
We use API
EVM-like blockchains are supported screen
ERC20, BEP20, and other EVM blochains are supported
For whom
For whom
  • Community Collectives
  • Developer Collectives
  • Worker Collectives
  • Art Collectives
  • Social Media
  • Metaverses / Virtual Worlds
  • Asset Management
  • Venture Capital
  • Insurance
  • Trust Funds
  • Company / Project
  • Fundraising
  • Fan Ownership
  • Freeholder / Co-Living / Nomad Communities
  • Media / Entertainment
  • Politics