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From the creator: Last year, I monitored various use cases of the ChatGPT API among others, and the most popular by far was a simple chat that can be placed on one's website.

Why You Absolutely Need to Embed ChatGPT on Your Website Now! 🚀

  1. Instantly Boost Engagement: Keep visitors on your site longer by offering interactive, AI-powered chat. It's like a magnet for user attention!
  2. Upgrade Your Customer Support: Provide answers 24/7 without the heavy cost of a live support team. ChatGPT handles inquiries, leaving your team free to focus on what matters most.
  3. Skyrocket Conversion Rates: Engage potential customers on the spot. Immediate responses mean fewer chances for them to bounce away from your site unsatisfied.
  4. Content That Converses: Turn passive content consumption into an interactive dialogue. Whether it's technical articles or product pages, ChatGPT transforms reading into a lively conversation.
  5. Simplify Complex Processes: From navigating your site to understanding detailed product features, ChatGPT guides users effortlessly, enhancing their overall experience.
  6. Stand Out from the Competition: Be among the first in your niche to leverage AI chat, setting your brand apart as a forward-thinking leader.
  7. Easy Integration: With a simple setup, you'll have ChatGPT running on your site in no time. No tech wizardry needed!
  8. Tailor-Made Responses: Train ChatGPT based on your specific business needs for truly customized interactions that reflect your brand’s voice and values.
  9. Drive More Traffic: As word spreads about your innovative AI feature, expect more visitors eager to experience ChatGPT on your site firsthand.
  10. Future-Proof Your Website: Stay ahead of digital trends and ensure your site remains relevant and engaging for years to come.
It looks something like this.
ChatGPT on website

At the same time, there are also more complex use cases possible. For example, based on a company's internal instructions, one can create many small assistants that would help employees with their work, like writing letters or training staff (after uploading product descriptions). One such case was a dashboard for a chemical product sales company with a staff of 300 people. Thanks to embeddable ChatGPT, this dashboard contains dozens of separate chats, each configured for a specific business process.

Another interesting case is increasing the time users spend on a page. After placing an AI assistant on a page with a technical article for developers and inviting them to ask questions as they would at the end of a lecture, the average time spent increased by one and a half times.

There are many cases in general. The simplest way to integrate ChatGPT on a website is to use our tool. It allows you to create a simple window like ChatGPT on any webpage or as a Telegram bot, which is the simplest way to start doing business with AI. 1 prompt = 1 chat.

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However, we have also gathered a few other services that might help you, in the JSON file with prices and features. Here is a brief summary.

Unlike them, our tool doesn't have fancy features, but it does offer great flexibility. One of the support requests was about how to sell access to the chat, like OpenAI does. After detailed analysis of 15 sites (founded in google with keyword "embed chatgpt") and review of 120 features we picked few servicies who offer embedable chatgpt for websites. The product features list have been optimized, removing redundant, overly specific, marketing fluff, and ambiguous content. This effort has resulted in a refined list, presenting a clearer, more informative overview that is broadly applicable and relevant across various implementations.

The list of projects (compiled in early 2024)

1. HubSpot's ChatGPT Integration

  • Product Name: HubSpot's ChatGPT Integration
  • Use Cases: 24/7 Customer Support, Instant Responses, Scalability, Personalization, Cost Efficiency
  • Solutions: AI-powered chatbots, integration with HubSpot CRM, customizable chatbot responses
  • Key Features: 24/7 availability, instant query responses, scalable customer interaction, personalized user experience, cost-effective support, CRM integration, customizable language and tone

2. CustomGPT

  • Product Name: CustomGPT
  • Use Cases: Customer Service, Customer Engagement, Topic Research
  • Solutions: Personalized conversational responses, improved sales through conversation, automated virtual assistance
  • Key Features: Easy Setup, multi-source data integrations, support for 92 languages, powered by ChatGPT-4, customizable chatbots, API access, ChatGPT plugin store

3. Aista

  • Product Name: Aista
  • Use Cases: Customer Service, Lead Generation, Marketing
  • Solutions: AI Chatbots, AI Search, AI Expert Systems, Machine Learning
  • Key Features: Custom ChatGPT chatbots, zero code setup, OpenAI API and reCAPTCHA integration, machine learning setup and customization, improved UI and error feedback

4. LeeWayHertz

  • Products: Enterprise GenAI Platform, GenAI Platform for Finance, ChatGPT for IT
  • Use Cases: Business optimization, customer engagement, fraud detection, IT automation
  • Solutions: Custom AI solutions, scalable AI platforms, AI-powered cybersecurity
  • Key Features: Enterprise system integration, automated incident response, predictive maintenance

5. PickaxeProject

  • Product Name: Pickaxe
  • Use Cases: AI chatbots for support, sales chat interactions, answering FAQs, internal workspace AI, AI writing assistance, AI coaching, AI Dungeon Master for games
  • Solutions: Intelligent chatbots for websites, ChatGPT customization, no-code AI integration, AI chatbot creation platform
  • Key Features: Website and workspace AI embedding, no-code integration, AI chatbots without coding knowledge

For more detailed information or specific queries about these companies and their offerings, feel free to ask!

Given the information provided, I'll compare the pricing plans and features of ChatGPT Embed services from CustomGPT.ai, Aista.com, Chatbase.co, RelevanceAI.com, and SiteSpeak.ai. These services offer various plans tailored to different needs, from basic to enterprise levels. The comparison will focus on monthly pricing (where applicable), key features, and the target audience for each plan.


CustomGPT.ai Pricing Plans

Plan Price (Month-to-Month) Features
Basic $49 3 chatbots, 1000 pages/chatbot, 30M words, 500 queries, 1 team member
Standard $99 10 chatbots, 5000 pages/chatbot, 60M words, 1000 queries, 3 team members
Premium $499 100 chatbots, 20,000 pages/chatbot, 300M words, 5000 queries, 5 members
Enterprise Contact Us Custom chatbots, content & queries, customized features

Aista.com Pricing Plans

Plan Price (Yearly) Features
Basic €49/month ChatGPT Website Chatbots, basic setup
Professional €198/month Advanced features, more capacity
Enterprise €798/month High-end features, highest capacity

Chatbase.co Pricing Plans

Plan Price Features
Free $0 20 message credits, 1 chatbot, basic features
Hobby $19/month 2000 message credits, 2 chatbots, advanced features
Standard $99/month 10000 message credits, 5 chatbots, GPT-4 option
Unlimited $399/month 40000 message credits, 10 chatbots, custom domains, remove branding

RelevanceAI.com Pricing Plans

Plan Price Features
Free $0/month 100 credits/day, low-code builder, access to LLM models
Pro $19/month 10,000 credits/month, bulk runs, live-chat support
Team $199/month 100,000 credits/month, hosted GPT-4, priority support
Business $599/month 300,000 credits/month, dedicated customer success
Enterprise Custom Unlimited executions, private cloud deployment, advanced authentication

SiteSpeak.ai Pricing Plans

Plan Price (Annually) Features
Free $0 1 AI Chatbot, 30 message credits/month, GPT-3.5 Model
Startup $300 1 AI Chatbot, 2k message credits, basic support
Pro $600 2 AI Chatbots, 5k message credits, priority support, GPT-4 Model
Business $5000 Unlimited AI Chatbots, 50k message credits, priority support, custom domain

Comparison Review

  • CustomGPT.ai offers a scalable solution with a focus on content and queries volume, suitable for businesses with varying project sizes.
  • Aista.com emphasizes easy setup and integration, with pricing that benefits long-term commitments. Their enterprise plan suggests a focus on larger businesses.
  • Chatbase.co caters to a wide range of users from individuals (Free, Hobby) to businesses (Standard, Unlimited) with scalable message credits and chatbot numbers.
  • RelevanceAI.com provides a unique offering with a focus on credits and runs, appealing to users with specific execution needs. Their enterprise solutions suggest a strong fit for large-scale, custom deployments.
  • SiteSpeak.ai positions itself as a versatile option with plans ranging from free to business levels, emphasizing support and model options as key differentiators.

The choice among these services depends on specific needs such as the number of chatbots, message credits, and the level of customization and support required. Businesses looking for high customization and scalability might lean towards CustomGPT.ai or RelevanceAI.com, while those prioritizing easy setup and straightforward pricing might find Aista.com or SiteSpeak.ai more appealing. Chatbase.co offers a balanced option with a wide range of plans catering to both individual and business needs.

For more detailed information or specific queries about these companies and their offerings, feel free to ask! [email protected] or telegram: onoutsupportbot

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