Start your own lottery on blockchain

and EARN 0-30%

commission from selling tickets and withdrawing unclimed bank*

Balls of lottery
User Can
User Can

buy ticket and earn x1-x100 from his bet

Admin Can
Admin Can

Start / Finish lottery, specify the FEE.
*As an administrator, you have two options to manage the fees associated with the lottery service:

1) Service fee: You have the option to set a service fee for each round of the lottery. The service fee is transferred to your wallet address, and a portion of this fee, equal to 1/5 of the service fee, is deducted as the "onout.org" fee. This fee can be removed by purchasing the premium version of the lottery service.

2) Unclaimed funds: You have the option to withdraw unclaimed funds from the bank after one months have passed since the last round of the lottery. However, please be aware that a portion of the withdrawal, equal to 1/5 of the total amount, will be deducted as the OnOut fee. If you wish to avoid this fee, you can purchase the premium version of the lottery service.

Supported Blockchains
Supported Blockchains

ETH, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polygon and other EVM blockchains.
Supported tokens: Any ERC20 (BEP20) tokens

Token icons
How to run
How to deploy crypto lottery

Set logo, colors and deploy contracts from the admin panel

Watch installation video
Intall lottery plugin on your own domain
Watch lauching video
Start a lottery, set prices, address for fee etc.
Watch live lottery video
Draw the winning numbers in the lottery
How it Works?
How it Works?
Users buy ticket(s) button demo

Users buy ticket(s)

Period end timer demo

In the end of period the random winners picked by random generator

Winning number demo

Users check his ticket and wiinenrs got x1-x10

Features Description
World's biggest lotteries We use the most popular blockchain lottery in the world.
Mobile readiness Our design is mobile-ready.
Unique design Unique design.
In-house affiliate system We do not have an in-house affiliate system for the lottery.
Borderless lotto The lottery is available to all users worldwide as it is connected to tokens that can be purchased from anywhere in the world.
All-in-one solution The all-in-one solution is that you only need to buy this product to start the lottery.
True RNG We use a random number generator provided by Chainlink, a leader in this field.
Lottery management The admin panel provides all necessary functions for launching the lottery and so on.
Back office Back office.
Payment systems It can be connected to any blockchain token.
Reporting capabilities Reporting capabilities.
Official lotteries You do not need a license as it works on the blockchain and payments are accepted by operators who sell these tokens.
Insured prizes and jackpots There is a jackpot system with insured prizes.
Secure and certified gaming We use audited source codes.
Lottery ticket purchase Users can purchase tickets and check winning combinations.
It's free?
Yes! The free version of the lottery tool can be downloaded and once installed on your domain, you have the option to purchase the premium version through the admin dashboard.
Does it work with my custom token?
Does it work with Bep20 tokens (binance smart chain)
Is this a White Label Lottery?
Yes, this tool uses to deploy white-label lottery on your own domain.
How to hide service link?
In WP Admin Panel go to All Lotteries and select one, then in "Main settings and lottery control" turn on Hide checkbox in "Service Link" option and click on the "Update" button.
lottery auto generate and auto send rewards to user??
The admin must draw the winning numbers. Then winners can claim their reward. See the video. Admin can withdraw unclaimed rewards after 1 month from the end of the last round