Earn on AI in 2023

Tool for creating and monetization ChatGPT apps

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Watch how to launch the dao app
Product using ChatGPT and Telegram bot

Monetize your bot with ease

Additional features

- Removing all commands from the bot

- Additional backend for automatically deploying bots

- Frontend for users to interact with your bot

- Monetization features included

- Templates available for quick deployment

ChatGPT integration feature screen
ChatGPT integration
Automated bot deployment feature screen
Automated bot deployment backend
Frontend for users feature screen
User-friendly frontend interface
Monetization feature screen
Monetization options for bot owners
For whom
For whom
  • Community Collectives
  • Developer Collectives
  • Worker Collectives
  • Art Collectives
  • Social Media
  • Metaverses / Virtual Worlds
  • Asset Management
  • Venture Capital
  • Insurance
  • Trust Funds
  • Company / Project
  • Fundraising
  • Fan Ownership
  • Freeholder / Co-Living / Nomad Communities
  • Media / Entertainment
  • Politics