Create Your Own Crypto Wallet

without coding skills and earn money

Wallet home demo screen

Create Your Multicurrency Wallet

Create Your Own Multicurrency Crypto Wallet

Where your clients will deposit cryptocurrency and tokens. User can generate address, deposit and send crypto using interface on your domain

Create wallet demo screen
Wallet balance demo screen
Store, send, receive cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, tokens...) without installation and registration
Swap demo screen
Trade on the decentralized P2P exchange using atomic swap technology
Add Your Token
Add Your Token
Customize the list of available tokens in the wallet
Add custom token demo screen
Earn On Commission
Earn On Commission
Add your address in the admin panel in a special field and indicate your commission percentage
Set up admin fee demo screen
Customize the Design
Customize the Design
Change logo, colors, list of assets and banners
Custom design demo screen
Visa / MC Integration
Visa / MC Integration
use any card processing like, or any other
Visa and Master card integration demo screen
Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
@onoutsupportbot contact the team for any questions
for Customer Support
by sahelian

I am not a coder and I cannot do all that I wanted to with this plugin... I hope not but might end up loosing my money or spending hours on this. However, support has been awesome thus far! I don't agree with the bad review about the seller. I understand we are all busy and this is not some mega corporation, so a bit of patience will pay off.

for Other
by lordzs

Awesome team, helpful all the time , nothing is to difficult and if you have a problem, they are straight onto it, one of the most pleasurable experience i have had to date with devs and using code.. A++

for Code Quality
by albypaul

very well produced and i can honestly say great programing

for Design Quality
by HaxFazed

Nice Job! Loving the Plugin!

Admin Panel Video
Watch admin panel video
F.A.Q. (read full FAQ)

user. private keys stored in his browser’s localstorage, the user must save his keys.

We have hundreds of installations all over the world and good reviews

YES! (set in form: decimals: “18”, name:”example”, initialSuply:1000000, totalSuply:1000000 )


a: You can setup transaction’s comission. See Screenshot, video

Our wallet is non-custodial wallet. How it works

yes, transactions are sent to a network immediately

No, sales are automatically perform through the service (they forward bitcoins from

Yes (Electrum, Metamak, Myetherwallet etc…)

You can place HTML code there. Example

The app uses bitcoin.js library for processing users bitcoin addresses (sending/receiving), also we use ReactJS, these libraries work in the frontend (in the user’s browser) and it’s impossible to implement WordPress’s hooks inside because all hooks work in the backend.

BSC and BEP20 are supported

By default, you pay for 6-month support which included fast updates of the plugin (we make changes almost every day). An expired license does not affect functionality also you still available to download the latest version from codecanyon (but new versions come out with a delay because require moderation and manual actions).

Get Free 6 month additional support.

the price of token which uses only to calculate “total balance” in the wallet (but not connected wallet, only internal balance affected). does not affect anything else.

Recommended exchange rate demo screen

BSC is enabled by default. If you want to add a BSC token (BEP-20 standard), select such network in the dashboard

Tokens standards in admin panel demo screen


Change border radius demo screen
Strings editor demo screen