Run AI apps on your own domain in One-click

With admin panel, dashboard. With monetization

AI apps
AI apps
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Sell access to AI under your own brand.


1. Launch ChatGPT with paid subscription - monetize your brand. 2. GPT chat is a smart solution for information-related tasks. 3. ChatGPT can assist students, professionals, gamers, and more.

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AiGram - a simple and fast way to deploy your own ChatGPT bot on Telegram.


1. AiGram simplifies ChatGPT bot deployment on Telegram. 2. End users can monetize their ChatGPT bots on Telegram. 3. AiGram is useful for various professionals, including writers, teachers, and marketers.

To request a copy, send us a link to the project you like and we will research if it is possible to fork

Contact [email protected] and request new product

How we build a product
How we build a product
  • Find an opensource app (or listen to our
  • Create Admin panel for this App + add monetization feature
  • Create "how to" videos then publish product at
Why us?
Why us?
  • This tool was developed by the team who made MCW wallet (trusted by 1000+ webmasters).
  • We are fully legal (we use only MIT and GPL sources)
  • We use only top audited sources
  • You don't need coder, setup without technical skills. See videos
We listen to you.
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OnOut may be a relatively new company, having been established just in 2022, but its roots go back much further. The company's founder, Alex Noxon, has been a registered member of Envato Market - the lead marketplace for selling code for over eight years. As an Elite Author, Trendsetter, Weekly Top Seller, he has sold more than $250,000 on Envato Market and has had items that were trending and ranked among the weekly top sellers across the entire marketplace. See our portfolio of successful products and positive customer reviews. Now we are working with several independent developers and open for new partnerships.

by sahelian. Read at codecanyon

I am not a coder and I cannot do all that I wanted to with this plugin... I hope not but might end up loosing my money or spending hours on this. However, support has been awesome thus far! I don't agree with the bad review about the seller. I understand we are all busy and this is not some mega corporation, so a bit of patience will pay off.

excelente pero me gustaria que procesador de pago integrado aceptara visas virtuales

Awesome team, helpful all the time , nothing is to difficult and if you have a problem, they are straight onto it, one of the most pleasurable experience i have had to date with devs and using code.. A++